Shoppium is also ideal for associations, cooperatives and business groups because it allows you to:

  • Manage multiple stores with the same control panel
  • Have catalogs for each of the stores and privatize them if necessary
  • Decide the payment method individually
  • Configure shipping and / or collection methods for each of the stores
  • Have multiple user profiles with the level of authorization you decide to manage one or more stores

Special subscriptions and monthly fees!

Virtual shopping center for all types of shops and services

Online Stores - Proximity E-Commerce

Self-managed and fast deployment

We can implement it in less than 24 hours as the web structure is already created. We only cover the start-up and configuration of the specific needs of your store to suit your business. It's so easy to use that you can manage the upload of images and descriptions yourself.

New sales channel

Thanks to new technologies, selling a product online and getting it to a certain place is easy, fast and cheap. Having the store open 24/7 and easy sales management makes it easy to recoup the initial investment in no time.

Invest in a partner

Having us as a technology partner will allow you to dedicate yourself 100% to your business. We have the structure to provide the support you need at all stages of the project.

Your online store available in less than 24 hours

The strengths of our mall


Catalog Management

Efficient organization

Having a well-organized catalog is paramount in any online business. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Organizing into families or categories allows you to relate products to each other to improve the customer’s shopping experience and increase sales opportunities.

Upload your product or service catalog

Uploading your product or service catalog to the platform is very easy and fast. Also, does the web allow multiple configurations? as well as attaching documents and uploading high-resolution photographs.

Custom Design

The online store must have a simple, clear design adapted to our brand image so that customers can relate it to our physical store directly. If you wish, we have additional rates to suit the degree of customization you need as we have our own design department.

Store Management


Shoppium allows you to manage the entire portfolio of customers created through your online store as well as its import from other CRM systems. It also allows additional settings such as setting discounts for specific customers or for some products to be displayed only by a selection of customers


Good order management, both in collection and in communication with the customer, are essential in e-commerce. Our website allows you to create profiles only dedicated to the management of online orders, as well as to manage gifts for purchase if necessary.


Our website allows you to manage the shipping methods (pick up at a physical location or send to the desired address) and select various payment methods (bank card, POS, bank transfer, Bizum ...). It also allows you to make offers, discount vouchers and gift vouchers if necessary.

Adapted to your needs and those of your customers

Adapted 100% to mobiles and tablets

Your store will fully adapt to the format of the device that the customer is using at any given time. We will register your store in search engines so that it is ready to perform SEO tasks (improve the visibility of a website so that it appears better positioned in the organic results of search engines).

Scalable and Modular

In case you have new ideas for your online store we can embed new modules at a low cost. At any time you can introduce new ways to sell products, add new features without having to redo the entire store. We take care of the updates.

WhatsApp and social networking integration

We can connect and sell the products in your online store using Whatsapp. We can create customers, orders and process payment through the application in a fully automatic and configurable way. We can also integrate your online store on social media to be able to sell your products in the easiest way.

You are only two steps away from owning your online store

STEP 1: Choose the registration rate that suits your needs


  • Register in mall
  • Choose one of the existing templates
  • Color / language / logo settings
  • Complete catalog management
  • Manage the entire process of an order
  • Payment and shipping methods settings
  • Operating in 24 hours. Daily data backup
  • Sales Consulting


  • Register in mall
  • Installation and configuration of the template chosen by the client
  • Color / language / logo settings
  • Complete catalog management
  • Manage the entire process of an order
  • Payment and shipping methods settings
  • Operating in 24 hours. Daily data backup
  • Sales Consulting